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Importance of a Full Spa Treatment

Pampering yourself is not a luxury; it is a necessity in today’s challenging world. Only when you take time out to detox, feel whole and healthy can you lead a productive life and inspire others to do the same. Yet, this is easier said than done. Long work hours, increasing traffic, relationship challenges, and daily stress can wear you out faster than you bargained for.

Take time off for a much-needed break to recharge your skin cells. Spend a few hours to pamper yourself with different treatments in a full day spa. This is one activity that is best left to the professionals. Untrained DIY procedures can never give you the results that experienced professional hands can. Put up your feet and indulge in the high-quality services of a professional, medically certified spa. See the difference it makes in the days and weeks ahead.

What is a Full Day Spa Treatment About?

A full day spa offers more than just a quick facial or back rub. Every treatment in a full day spa is designed to go deeper to recharge your cells and nerves. It involves top-to-toe body cleansing treatments to relax tired muscles. As the body relaxes, so does the mind. When you are done, see how you are ready to take on the world with renewed zest. Here’s more:

  • Begin with a Deep Cleansing Facial: A facial treatment is designed to cleanse deep, exfoliate, massage and revive tired skin cells. It perks up the health of your skin, diminishes signs of ageing, treats acne and hydrates dry skin. High-quality products are used to ensure a healthy, youthful glow.
  • Body and Head Massage: Sitting at the computer for long hours or driving through clogged traffic during peak hours can wear out the mind and body. The head, neck and back muscles tend to carry all the tension you absorb every day, creating energy blocks that aggravate into painful ailments such as migraines and spinal disorders. Deep massage techniques in the certified hands of a massage therapist can provide relief from stress and reduce anxiety. Unlike painkillers, a massage has no side effects. Spa massages stimulate blood flow, encourage lymphatic drainage, loosens the muscles, reduces digestive disorders and heals stress-related aches and joint pains.
  • Healthy Nails: Nail services at a spa are not just about party-ready hands and feet. They have a host of other benefits too. Manicures and pedicures get rid of dead, dry skin and hangnails, nourish your cuticles, moisturize your hands and feet and help you maintain younger, attractive hands and feet.
  • Detoxifying Body Scrubs: Luxurious spa day treatments include scrubbing, deep cleansing and hydrating your entire body to get rid of impurities. Steam and heat packs soften the skin. Detoxing treatments release toxins from the body and boosts your immune system.

Complete Rejuvenation with a Spa Day at Azure Skin Care, B.C.

Take a break from your regular day. Gift yourself a spa day at Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical in the heart of Surrey in British Columbia. We specialize in high-quality spa and essential medical treatments for both men and women.

Enjoy customized facials, anti-ageing skincare treatments, waxing, tinting, electrolysis and more. For more intensive results, enjoy a full spa day for a variety of treatments for self-renewal in a serene, hygienic environment. Our trained technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and personable, they understand skincare regime options that best fit your needs. Plan ahead and call us to schedule an appointment. Discover how just one luxurious day can recharge you mentally and physically for months to come.

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