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At Azure Spa + Medical, we are recognized for offering acne solutions at our Clayton Heights spa. With many teens and adults alike dealing with acne prone skin, we provide a variety of treatments and skincare tips in order to help prevent acne breakouts from occurring, and repair the aftermath of acne.

Regardless of if you are an acne sufferer, or you are simply looking for ways to hydrate your skin without causing breakouts – these tips will help!

Avoid Harsh Acne Cleansers

Those with acne prone skin tend to use acne cleaners that deliver “stripping agents” to remove oil from the face, which is a means to dry up the skin and prevent it from breaking out. However, that is exactly what these cleaners will do – dry up your skin, ridding it of important skin-balancing moisture in the process.

Although you may see a lessening in breakouts, drying out your skin creates a layer of dead skin cells, trapping bacteria and oil within the skin, which then leads to “zit bumps” beneath the skin. There are many alternate ways to care for breakout-prone skin that we can help you with, but in the meantime – harsh acne cleaners should not be your go-to!

Use Alcohol-Free Toner

Toning is an important part of the skin cleaning process, if not THE most important part. It helps to re-balance and even hydrate your skin, while getting at those “under the skin” blemishes.

After washing and toning, use a serum such as one from our Caudalie skincare line, and then moisturize to keep your skin healthy and balanced.

The Importance of Using a Consistent Skincare Line

A lot of times people will use different products on their skin confusing it as-to what’s going on. Your skin is your largest organ, and treating it with the utmost care is important. Which is why putting products on your face that are all from the same line, each feeding off of one another, plays an important role in your skincare and its health as well.

In addition, having someone help you uncover which line is right for you is also a big bonus in optimal skincare.

At Azure Spa + Medical, we offer a variety of benefit-proven skincare lines including: Caudalie, ColoreScience, Obagi …and more. So stop in for a skin assessment, and we will get you on your way, working towards blemish-free, radiant and hydrated skin in no time!

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