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Under eye bags are a large concern for a lot of our clients as they feel it makes them appear tired and even aged. However, there are ways to guard against and even banish under eye bags …and here’s how!

Remove Irritants

Often time your eyes will water during the night due to the irritant nature your eye makeup is inducing, so be sure to remove your makeup daily in order to maintain healthy skin, and prevent your eyes from become irritated during the night.

Reduce Allergens

Did you know that your bedding could be a cause for puffy eyes? If you are prone to allergies, consider a hypoallergenic alpaca duvet – or some like natural material – to help you rest better, and keep your eyes free and clear of nighttime allergens.

Salt and Alcohol Be Gone!

You know how your tears taste salty? Well ironically the area around the eyes can hold “pockets” of sodium and harbour water …making your eyes appear puffy. So reducing your salt intake can actually reduce your puffy eye and under eye circle concerns.

Same goes for alcohol; it tends to dehydrate your skin leaving the area around your eyes most susceptible to retaining what little water you have left in your body. Sipping on a glass of wine is harmless enough, it’s just when a glass turns into a bottle that you might see the puffy eyes appear.

Healthy Sleeping Patterns

Make sure you are getting the optimal amount of sleep, and sleeping in a position that ensures gravity is your friend and not fo. If you tend to be a stomach sleeper, water can literally be pooling in your eye sockets, so try resting on your back and see if that makes a difference.

The Benefits of Eye Cream

Not only can eye cream help guard against harmful wrinkle-causing sunrays, but it can also reduce puffy eyes and the appearance of dark circles. So ask one of our spa professionals about an eye cream that can help correct your concern.

Enjoy a Facial

In addition to all the things listed above, getting a facial can also help greatly reduce puffy eyes and the appearance of dark circles. Regular facials provide good maintenance, and preventative anti-aging benefits for your skin. In addition, a facial can jump-start the process of creating awake and circle-free eyes.

So let us know if we can be of service …we would love to help you regain your well-rested appearance!

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