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At Azure Spa + Medical, we are proud to offer our clients a variety of treatments that are customized to meet their needs and specifications. However, beyond our in-spa services, there are also at-home care regimens that we know can help our clients acquire and maintain beautiful skin, which is why we wanted to help you gain insight on how to layer your beauty products in a manner that will be beneficial to you!

Affective Communication With Your Skin

In order for most skincare products to work, they have to be the right “fit” for your skin type. If you tend to have oily skin and are using excessive moisturizing products, they will add to the problem and even create bigger skin issues. So it is well worth speaking with a professional about a skincare line that will work for your skin type, and enjoy the benefits they are intended to have.

Start with Clean Skin

Ensure that you are cleaning your face before applying moisturizer or any other facial lotions, potions or creams. Putting any type of product on top of a face full of makeup (or daily dirt) will not allow it to penetrate into the skin, nor will it be of any benefit to your skin. So start with clean skin, and increase the benefits.

Medicate before your Moisturize

If you have a special medicated cream containing retinoid, or use an acne treatment product, these types of things should be the first layer or spot treatment you address after you clean your skin, and before other products are used for maximum effectiveness.

Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen

Did we mention sunscreen? No matter the season, sunscreen is an imperative part of your beauty regimen. So ensure that, after you clean your skin and apply any medicated creams, you are applying a moisturizer that contains sunscreen.

Last but Never Least – Eye cream

If you use an eye cream to help address fine lines and wrinkles, ensure that this is the last product you apply before putting on your makeup. And also ensure you do so gently. The skin under your eye is somewhat fragile, so treat it with kid gloves, and gently rub the cream in an inward motion with your ring finger of each hand.

None of this should be a lengthy or arduous process. Rather, when completed correctly, it can be as swift as it is beneficial …and well worth the time of conserving your skin for years to come!

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