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A lot of times we have clients come in who divulge to us their skincare routine, and often times that routine sounds unnecessarily arduous.

Truth be told, there is no need for a lengthy, multi-layered skincare routine that is taking up precious time in your hurried mornings, or tired time at the end of your day. In fact, overuse of products can clog pores and weigh heavy on the skin, creating breakouts and uneven skin tone. “More is better” definitely does not apply when it comes to skincare.

Keep It Simple

Using all the “best” items, with each offering “the most” benefits to your skin, could actually contain ingredients that may be canceling each other out. So try and stick with one product line, and keep it to a 3-step process (wash, tone, moisturize), anything more and you very well could be working against your skin.

Keep It Consistent

A lot of times individuals fall off their face-cleaning bandwagon due to it being too time consuming. So by keeping it simple, as mentioned above, you can better keep it consistent, and by keeping your skincare routine consistent, you will see maximum results.

Give It Time

If you have purchased a new product that promises to lessen this or increase that, give it time. There is no such thing as an overnight success, and the same thing rings true for beauty lotions and anti-aging potions. An anti-wrinkle cream is not going to iron out 10 years of sun damage overnight, so give it time.

At Azure Skin Care + Medical, we have a small collection of products that deliver proven results, and targets skin at a variety of age levels. But regardless of if you buy from us or use your own favourite line, simply ensure you are cleaning your skin, using a moisturizer with SPF, and try to throw in toner to the mix too if that hasn’t been part of your skincare routine. Then, perhaps once or twice a week, use a mild scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells away, and consider using a retinoid or retinol product for more mature skin. Simple, effective …and GO!

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