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Turning a “Happy New Year” into your BEST year yet is likely something everyone would like to achieve …and Azure Spa is here to help you do so with these simple reminders on How To Have “All the Best” In 2018!

Eat Clean

Your diet plays a bigger role than most people give it credit for. From how you feel, so how you look – what you put into your body is going to show up in your moods, on your skin, and within any excess weight, you’re carrying. But forget about boring limiting diets, simply aim to eat clean, whole, fresh foods – and enjoy what you eat more while making your body, brain, and skin happy too!

Replace Tanning with Red Light Therapy

Perhaps you like the glow of a summer tan, but we beg of you –leave that tan for the summer (if at all)! Sun-damaged skin is the #1 source of aging, leading to a loss of collagen and the increase in wrinkles. Your best year does not involve looking old before your time, nor should it involve the very real risk of skin cancer.

However, if you enjoy the warm happy-maker of a tanning bed, simply replace it with beneficial Red Light Therapy – offered at many local tanning salons. These machines provide the exact opposite effects of tanning beds; actually causing your skin to produce collagen, among many other benefits.

Turn Off Your Technology

As much as technology is aimed to keep us connected, it has largely disconnected us on many levels. So in 2018, try to leave the technology to a minimum, and watch your circle of friends reunite outside of social media, allowing for real-life experiences and happy memories you’re a part of and not just experiencing through a screen!

Invest In YOU!

Do something to invest in you every month. Whether it’s a relaxing spa treatment (our personal favourite!), or a trip to a local scenic spot …make time to de-stress to better ensure a happier healthier 2018. One we would love to be a part of in order to help you to have “all the best” in the New Year!

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