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Spa treatments for teens in Surrey is a growing trend, and at Azure Spa – we actually applaud such things. Not because a teenager necessarily needs to be pampered for the day, but because taking care of their skin at an early age is important. Having a professional explain to them how to do so will help with any current breakouts, as well as help prevent breakouts and keep their confidence up during difficult teen years.

The Confidence Killer of Teens and Acne
Teens are going through all kinds of physical and mental changes, and part of that hormone imbalance can lead to acne – causing teenagers to often suffer from depression and esteem issues. So helping your teen take better care of their skin through the services of a spa specialist, can really help to alter their mood and get their skin back on track to a healthy glowing youthful appearance.

Spa Treatments in Surrey for Acne
IPL treatments at our Surrey spa is an excellent way to treat your teens acne. It will help both the texture, colour and health of their skin, and correct scarring caused by acne also. Clearing these concerns up quickly with the intense pulse light (IPL) system will offer your teen a uniform complexion so they can get on with life without embarrassment over skin issues.

Whether they have a graduation coming up, are starting their first year of high school, or simply want to tackle their acne-prone skin before it begins scarring their face, our IPL treatments will truly help your teen in more ways than just one.

At Azure Spa + Medical, we are here to help with all your skincare needs, no matter if your teen is struggling to care for their skin, or you simply wish to share a relaxing day at the spa with them – we’re here to help you have an amazing spa day experience.

PLUS our IPL Treatments are ON SALE – offering your teen an affordable way to correct their skin concerns. So call to book your Versa Acne IPL 3 Treatment Face Package for ONLY $450 for the month of March, and watch your teens face take on a new confident glow!

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