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Lash extensions have been a popular addition to peoples’ beauty routines this past year, and although some love the added length and volume, others might find it pricey and damaging to their natural growth. Which is why Azure Spa, in the Clayton Heights neighbourhood of Cloverdale, wants to fill our reading audience in on ‘The Healthy (Lash-Saving) Alternative to Eyelash Extensions’.

Eyelash Tinting is Affordable, Timesaving and Effective!

They say eyes are the windows to your soul, and at Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical we want to help frame that soul with natural, dynamic colour! Applying makeup to your lashes and brows daily can be time-consuming, and tinting can make a huge difference in both your daily routine as well as the cost of upkeep with eyelash extensions. Tinting takes a few painless minutes and is an inexpensive way to enhance your natural beauty at a cost of anywhere between $15-30, depending on what you are having done and including shaping.

Eyelash Extensions vs. Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash extensions have been receiving some bad press as to the damage that can cause to your natural lashes, whereas eyelash tinting is a simple, painless and issue-free treatment that still offers darker lashes that will immediately look fuller too.

The same is true for eyebrows, although penciling them in only takes a few minutes, tinting them will ensure they stay the same shade no matter if you are working out, swimming, or just waking up …you will have fully coloured brows until they fade away and it’s time for a reapplication.

Whether you choose to not wear a lot of makeup but still want the natural enhancement of darker lashes and brows, or you are looking for a way to make your morning routine go faster – especially with the new school year quickly approaching, or you are looking for a more affordable way to add the look of darker fuller lashes to frame your eyes – Azure Spa can help.

We are located at #204-6820 188 Street in Surrey, and can be reached at 604.575.3326 or emailed at …we look forward to serving you and helping you enhance your natural beauty!

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