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In today’s day and age, teens benefit from many modern comforts that perhaps their parents did not, but this should be perceived as a gift of added confidence and not a spoiled reality.

The truth of the matter is, is that some comforts can truly help your teen with image issues and esteem growth, especially if they suffer from acne and the emotional scars that can come with.

The Cause of Teenage Acne
Acne in teens is often caused from a change in their hormones, which seem to be an endless flux causing skin concerns as well as mood swings. Not only can the gift of a spa treatment for your teen help address their acne, it can also help elevate their mood and build their esteem.

Azure Spa and Acne Treatment
At Azure Spa, we offer a variety of treatments to help your skin become healthy and glowing, and such optimal skin should not be left to the adult crowd alone. Having your teen come in for a skin treatment is an excellent way for someone impartial to tell them about ways they can tackle skin problems, the importance of regularly cleaning their skin, and offer at-home remedies as well as in-house solutions to their skin problems.

PLUS, if you are already a client at Azure Spa, you will receive 20% off your treatment when you bring in a friend – such as your teen!

Immediate Ways to Address Acne at Home
If your teen is nearly in tears over his or her skin, have them utilize some of these tips to tackle the problem until which time you can get them in for a skincare treatment.

– Use oil free foundation and moisturizer in order to prevent clogging your pores
– Don’t pick, squeeze or harshly scrub your face as this actually makes the skin condition worsen
– Use sunscreen, especially if using acne medication which can make your skin sensitive to the sun and be at an increased risk for sunburn
– Shave with caution as you don’t want to knick any blemishes

At Azure Spa + Medical, we are here to help with all your skincare needs, no matter if your teen is struggling to care for their acne-prone skin, or you simply wish to share a relaxing day at the spa with them – we look forward to exceeding your expectations at our conveniently located Clayton Heights location this Christmas!

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