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Cheering can be heard from every home where parents and children reside, with the anticipation of school starting once again this coming week. Granted, the parents are doing more of the cheering than the children, but regardless – happiness abounds!

Although the summer months are packed full of family, friends and fun, getting back to routine is often a welcome idea, and settling into the day-in-day-out normalcy is embraced by most.

That being said, with all the fun of summer, likely came a lot of sun exposure, eating on the run, and a poor skincare routine. So as part of our “back to school” agenda, we thought we would prompt moms, dads, and individuals from all walks of life to begin their fall fresh by revisiting what it means to have “good skin”!

The “How To” of Good Skin

Stop Smoking – although smoking has decreased greatly over the years, it is still a habit some need to break. Don’t wait for a new years resolution to do so …make a mental plan to quit smoking as part of your back to school agenda. Your skin will thank you – immensely and in obvious ways.

Continue to Wear Sunscreen – even though summer is over, sunscreen needs to be applied all year round. So ensure it is part of your daily routine, and maintain the youthful appearance of your skin for years to come.

Ramp Up the Retinol – this ingredient in skincare products unplugs pores, helps your skin to become more clear, reduces fine lines, brown spots and freckles, boosts collagen, and improves your skins texture overall.

“Retinoid’s” in particular, are sold as a prescription only, and include names such as: Renova, Retin-A, and Tretinoin. So ask your spa practitioner about these or other products they might recommend.

At Azure Skincare Spa + Medical, we’re here to help you achieve or regain the skin you had during those youthful school years, and get back to a flawless skincare routine for fall. So call or stop by, and celebrate this back to school season with a facial!

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