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With summer just around the corner, preparing your skin for the elements and ensuring it has a healthy glow, is an important “accessory” to have during a time when everyone wants to wear less makeup and just let their inner beauty shine.

So how do you go about acquiring this glowing “accessory” and not look like a sweaty oily mess as the weather warms? Well …we’re here to help you find out how!

Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate

Dry patchy skin is going to make your face appear dull and scaly, so exfoliation is key to getting your glow back. However, not all exfoliating products are created equal, and some will even “scratch” your skin over scrub away dead surface skin. So ask during your next Azure spa appointment which exfoliates is the best to use to scuff away dead skin without damaging the skin itself.

Turn in Your Spring Skincare for a Summer Routine

As the temperature goes up, so too does the oil in your skin. Creamy cleansers that are good for the dryer months will want to be changed to something lighter, like a foaming face wash, in order to get rid of sweat and added sunscreen and oils. Plus, a lighter moisturizer will likely want to be used also.

Be Sure to Shave Right

That’s right …there are ways to shave “right”. First of all, ensure you are using a new blade every 3-4 shaves in order to prevent any razor bumps due to not getting a close enough shave. Also, use lukewarm water (not hot water) in order to open your pores to shave, and then finish off with a cool rinse that will help your pores close nicely once complete. Follow up with your favourite moisturizer and you’re set!

Treat Yourself to the Spa!

Having a chemical peel or a microdermabrasion treatment can help to rid dead skin that will weigh down your summer glow. In addition, starting laser hair removal treatments can also help to illuminate the time-consuming process of shaving, and have you summer ready any given day of the week!

That being said, for the month of June don’t miss out on our bikini line laser hair removal special on for only $80 (regular $130) or VIP pricing for only $75 (regular $125). Grab a package of 3 treatments for additional savings with a cost of only $225 /VIP $210 – purchased by month end used whenever!

So call, click, or come by and allow us to help you get summer ready skin in as little as one treatment!

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