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Seasonal depression is a real thing that many individuals struggle with, and often people battle to find ways to cope or discover a method to help handle it. Which is why we’re excited to tell you that studies now show you can actually fight seasonal depression with a spa treatment!

Season Affective Disorder (SAD) – Explained

SAD is a real disorder that can lead to a serious form of depression, making ones life seem glib at best. Although a lot of people opt for anti-depresants or light therapy to help them get through the more gloomy of seasons, studies now show that massage can aid in improving ones mood significantly – if not entirely!

The Benefits of Massage When Dealing with SAD

Physical touch is a great healer, not only in the body itself, but emotionally as well. And when it comes to massage, it can help to reduce anxiety leading to depression, and be as beneficial as even psychotherapy.

Because massage is known to stimulate neurotransmitters, this helps to lower anxiety and prompt hormones in a beneficial way.

The relaxing treatment of massage will also decrease your heart rate, evening out your blood pressure, and helping you feel an overall sense of calm.

Relaxation Massage

Unlike therapeutic massage that treats ongoing muscle and soft tissue injuries, relaxation massage is about calming and relaxing the mind and body so that it can heal itself. Our clients enjoy a head to toe massage that relaxes all the major muscle groups and areas that hold stress, such as the shoulders, back, scalp and upper chest.

Don’t allow seasonal depression to ruin your day, your month, or even the greater part of your year, instead – consider stopping by Azure Spa for one of our Relaxation Massage Treatments …we look forward to helping you regain a sense of calm and overall wellness!

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