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Whether you contend with cellulite, or simply have small pockets of fat you can’t seem to tackle at the gym, having a Venus Legacy Treatment at our Azure Spa + Medical will help you quickly eliminate those concerns for 2016.

There’s no shame in kick-starting your New Years resolutions with our Venus Legacy ‘miracle machine’. It will help you advance your efforts in attaining your ideal body.

Not only does the Venus Legacy tackle the reduction of cellulite and difficult to manage bulges, it also is a way to contour your body in a non-invasive manner, reduces wrinkles, lessen your overall body circumference, tightens your skin and gives your face, neck and body the finishing touches to create a flawless finish overall.

The Venus Legacy was even displayed on Oprah, and is backed by many positive reviews – both online, and from our clients themselves. And in addition, there is no pain associated with this treatment – as it feels more like a heated massage than anything else.

So before you go ahead with an invasive procedure such as liposuction, come in and talk to us about the amazing technology of the Venus Legacy. Right now we’re offering 20% OFF through the month of December to help our clients affordably receive real results, fast!

So if stubborn cellulite or sagging skin is setting you back from your ideal body, call Helly to help… 604-575-3326

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