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Most people have the misconception that a chemical peel will leave you red and blistered for days, if not weeks. But the truth is, is this should never be the case when it comes to a spa chemical peel, and why Azure Spa wants to share how you can ‘Experience the Natural Glow of a Gentle Chemical Peel’!

Elizabeth Arden Pro Peel – Gentle Yet Effective

At our boutique spa in Clayton Heights, we offer effective Elizabeth Arden Pro Peel treatments. These treatments are intended to unveil glowing skin by slowly sloughing away the dead layer of skin that sits on your face, helping you to then soak up the benefits your lotions and serums should be providing.

Not only are our Elizabeth Arden Pro Peel treatments relaxing, but they are also specifically designed for your skin type, with the option of purchasing a take-home care system that will continue to add to your peel benefits, and have your skin looking radiant before the first spring ray of sunshine appears!

Why is a Chemical Peel Important

Daily exposure to dust and pollution in the air can clog your pores and leave your skin looking bumpy, ruddy and overall – unhealthy. This is why regular facials – including chemical peels, are important, helping you acquire a deep clean you often can’t get at home.

So …How Does It Work?

Our Elizabeth Arden Pro Peel treatments are intended to help the renewal of your skin by slowly helping you shed your top layer of dead skin. But you’re not left looking like a lizard during this time. Rather, while dead skin slowly flakes off, you will be replenishing it with quenching serums and/or lotions that we will recommend depending on your skin type. It’s truly as simple as that!

Elizabeth Arden Pro Peel treatments are quick, efficient, and will leave you feeling like you just shed a layer of stress and dead skin – which you will! Not only that, but you will leave looking increasingly better than you did when you arrived, with a courtesy application of our mineral makeup that will immediately help you to fight free radicals, keep the sun’s effects away and instantly set your face aglow.

At Azure Spa + Medical, we don’t simply offer “treatments”, we deliver specialized skin assessments, suggest dietary supplement ideas for better skin, and discuss alternative skincare options in a comfortable boutique spa setting!

So feel free to Email Us or Phone: 604.575.3326 …and allow us to get you on your way to glowing radiant skin for spring!

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