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For the month of July, Azure Spa + Medical is excited to offer our clients 3 Elizabeth Arden Pro Peels for only $150 …that’s $50 per peel! Making this treatment not only affordable, but an easy way to stay on top of your skincare during a season when it can become ravaged – summer.

Elizabeth Arden Pro Peels Explained

Sometimes people shy away from treatments that include the word “peel”, as they have visions of a sunburned-style peeling face post-treatment. So perhaps a better description of this treatment would be an ‘Elizabeth Arden Face Renewal Scrub’!

These treatments are designed to help you give you face the added support it needs in order to maintain healthy, glowing, flake-free skin, and also offer you a home care routine that you can use to maintain your improved skin once you leave the spa.

Overall, Elizabeth Arden treatments accelerate and maximize your skins’ renewal process, and the products you have the opportunity to leave with are intended to maintain that, quenching your skin and healing it daily from regular exposure to pollutants that can clog your pores and cause breakouts, uneven skin tone and a ruddy appearance.

The Benefits of an Elizabeth Arden Pro Peel

The Elizabeth Arden Pro Peel can have you in and out of our spa in as little time as your lunch break, giving you immediate, visible results that require no downtime to recover from these treatments.

In fact, each treatment is followed by a mineral application that fights free radicals and works against the signs of aging, giving you an added glowing appearance and soft coverage to carry you throughout your day – looking stunning!

Your skin will be treated in a manner specifically designed for your skin type, tailored for each individual, while also providing you with a free skin consultation, and offering you the opportunity to choose a skincare routine afterwards that will benefit you at home as well.

At Azure Spa + Medical, we don’t simply offer “treatments”, we deliver specialized skin assessments, explain about various diet benefits and alternative skincare applications, and do so amidst a comfortable boutique spa setting!

So feel free to Email Us or Phone: 604.575.3326

We are located at 204 – 6820 188 St. in Surrey, and are open Tue-Sat 9.30am-6:00pm. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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