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Well winter has un-officially arrived as of this week’s snowfall, and although we don’t often see snow in the Lower Mainland – many of us still suffer from the ravages of the cold outdoor weather combined with the always-going heaters in our homes and vehicles. So at Azure Spa, we wanted to help you better understand ‘What To Do About Dry Winter Skin’!

Hit the Spa
That’s right, you now have permission and a “reason” to hit the spa as dry winter skin is a serious issue that professionals can quickly address. Whether coming in for a microdermabrasion appointment to slough away all that dead dry skin, or a facial to re-infuse your face and neck with moisture, booking a spa treatment simply makes sense!

Moisture Up
Ample water and a rich moisturizer are important during “dry skin season”, and it’s important not to choose a product that is simply going to make your skin oily, but rather increasingly dehydrated. Again, this is often a job for the professionals, as we can provide you with the right skincare products for winter at our Surrey spa!

Don’t Forget Your Hands
Did you know the skin on your hands is different than that on most of the rest of your body? It’s thinner and has less oil gland, so keeping your hands moisturized tends to be an outside job left up to you. Dry hands can be itchy and make you appear more aged – so don’t forget those human paws. Lather up throughout the day, and especially at night before bed!

Don’t Forget Your Feet Either
Foot lotion should not just be for the summer months when you tend to let your toes roam free. Keeping your feet silky smooth during the winter months is important too, as they can become cracked an uncomfortable if left unattended.

Hot Baths Feel Good – But Ravage the Skin
We get it. A hot bath after a long cold day feels great. But an excessively hot bath or shower can actually strip your skin of oils and break down the lipid barriers causing an increased loss of moisture. So by all means – warm up in a nice, soothing Epson salt bath, but keep the water temperature to warm levels.

At Azure Spa + Medical, we are here to help with all your skincare needs, no matter if you need your winter skin addressed or simply would enjoy a relaxing day at the spa – we look forward to exceeding your expectations at our conveniently located Clayton Heights location!

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