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Have you been holding off on laser hair treatments for years, waiting on “the best” technology to present itself? Well then your wait is over!

The medical grade laser hair removal system has been around for some years now, but not every laser centre uses it as it costs more to run due to the nature of the energy output, laser technology and equipment.

Why Spring is the Perfect Time for Laser Treatments…

Spring is the perfect time to begin laser treatments as it allows the time necessary to complete the number of sessions to fully rid whichever body area you choose of hair. Of course the amount of sessions required depends on the different areas being addressed, as well as the different hair types involved, but normally 4-6 sessions will have your bikini area hairless and smooth, and your legs are likely to take the same amount of time.

An area such as the upper lip would require less time, and you may even see completed results in as little as 2-3 laser treatments sessions.

IPL Laser vs. Our Medical Grade System

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments are technically not lasers at all. They are low powered machines that does diminish body hair, but in a much less effective manner. Cheap IPL treatments are abundant and you will find many deals that might wow you, but understand there is a reason they are so cheaply priced – time involved and ineffectiveness.

The Medical Grade Laser, on the other hand, emits wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigment in the hair, with the entire energy of the laser concentrated into the hair shaft, causing that hair to be eliminated without harming the skin or follicle. Fast, effective and definitive.


On Now …Medical Grade Laser Treatment Promotion!

Now is the perfect time to come into Azure Spa + Medical for your laser hair removal treatments as we are having a promotion like we have never done before!

Not only are our laser treatment GUARANTEED to remove hair, but our technology will do so with a faster reduction process and provide a more comfortable treatment experience.

PLUS, when you book your medical grade hair laser treatment at our Surrey spa in the heart of Clayton Heights, you will receive a FREE $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE when booking a full leg treatment, or a FREE $20 GIFT CERTIFICTAE when booking a half leg treatment. If that wasn’t enough …when you buy 3 underarms laser treatments we will laser your Upper Lip for FREE!

So call, click or come by, and we will get you started on a shaver-free, wax-free, hair-free summer!

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