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As with anything permanent, it takes more consideration than temporary alternatives. Hair removal, for instance, can be conducted temporarily through waxing or threading, or have a more permanent solution via electrolysis or laser hair removal.

Some individuals simply aren’t sure if they want to be rid of their body hair entirely and indefinitely, while others would like nothing better. So it is a very personal decision, but one that can be weighed accordingly.

Laser Hair Removal is Cost Effective

Because laser hair removal is permanent, whatever you pay for your procedure – that’s it! No monthly waxing costs or upkeep. When it’s done it’s done and you never have to worry about the expense again.

Larger Parts, Lesser Pain.

If you frequently wax large parts of your body – like full legs or back, this can be a painful experience that you relive time and again. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, or the time of month, waxing can cause some increased pain. Whereas less pain tends to be reported with laser treatments and are in short successions.

If you tend to have sensitive skin, waxing might cause outbreaks each time you have this type of treatment, so laser is a great alternative under those circumstances as well.

No More Ingrown Hairs

Shaving and waxing can often result in ingrown hairs, whereas laser hair removal gets rid of hair at the root permanently, resulting in no more ingrown hairs.

Lesser Viable Laser Hair Removal Clients

Laser hair removal isn’t right for everyone. Those with diabetes or cardiovascular system disorders would want to consult their physician first. As well, women who are pregnant should not undergo laser hair removal until after their pregnancy. In addition, those with active skin disorders, infection disorders, or newly sunburned or very dark sunburn should steer clean of laser hair removal treatments until which time their skin is of a natural and healthy shade conducive with their regular colouring.

At Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical
, we are conveniently located in the heart of Clayton Heights at #204 – 6820 188 Street, Surrey. We offer laser hair removal as well as waxing and electrolysis, and can help you decide on which might be the best hair removal solution for you, achieving hairlessness in whichever capacity you best see fit!

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