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Looking to save time and money on your daily routine? Our Clayton Heights Hair Reduction Sale can help you do exactly that – with a few other added perks as well!

Clayton Heights Hair Reduction Sale

For the month of August, Azure Spa is offering our IPL underarm treatments for a reduced price. Choose from 3 treatments for $180, or give 1 treatment a try for only $65.

Not only will this help to reduce – or even eliminate, your underarm hair growth; it will also help you with your morning “get up and go” routine, without having to add in shaving time day in and day out.

In addition to saving time, there are also other benefits – which include:

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal Reduces Body Odor

…underarm hair often becomes more of a chore for many, trapping body odor and requiring regular shaving or waxing.

Hair Removal Reduces Sweat

…in addition to smell, underarm sweat can lead to sweat stains for both men and women, making less hair an ideal choice regardless of gender.

IPL Hair Removal Can Better Manage Ingrown Hairs

…laser hair removal will help manage this both in your armpits as well as your legs, when choosing to take part in our IPL Hair Removal Sale in Surrey.

Additional IPL Treatments at Our Clayton Heights Spa

As mentioned in our blog post ‘The Anti-Aging Benefit of IPL Pigment Treatments for Hands and Arms’

At Azure Spa in Surrey, our IPL Pigment Treatments for Hands and Arms involves ‘intense pulse light’. In fact, that’s exactly what the acronym ‘IPL’ represents.

Each intense pulse light session aims to treat skin conditions including sun damage, which is often the cause of aged looking skin. 

Skin damage can accumulate on your hands and arms, leading to your extremities looking more aged than necessary or than you prefer. Azure Spa is here to help you manage that!

Ready to take advantage of our Clayton Heights Hair Reduction Sale and get started on your time and money savings regime? Give us a call at 604.575.3326. We look forward to welcoming you!

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