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With a plethora of spas around the Lower Mainland, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Some individuals choose a spa in close proximity to their home, while others look for deals that suit their budget, and then there are those who wish to find a spa that offers specialty services that can address their needs. So how do you locate a spa that’s right for you?

One-Stop-Shop Spas

Today, there are a great number of spas that aim to fit in a lot of services into one location. Although this works for some large box-style spas that are capable of the necessary manpower and traffic flow, our caution is that it tends to lose its personal touch and optimal customer service when it becomes a colossal operation. However, for those looking to spend a day addressing all their maintenance concerns, it could be the right one-stop-shop for you.

Specialty Spas

The alternate to an “everything-in-one” spa, are specialty spas that focus on a few key services they want to offer their clients. Whether those are anti-aging treatments, laser hair services, or even teeth whitening, these small pop up specialty spas are emerging at a rapid rate. Our word of caution is to ensure those running them are trained to conduct the specialty service they are promoting. Receiving cheap or convenient services could come at a cost to your health due to errors and limited experience in the field. So be cautious.

Boutique Spas

Boutique spas are a bit of a mixture of the above two. They offer a large group of services, and enhance those services with specialty treatments that they may hire a trained provider to come in upon bookings for. This is in-line with Azure Spa + Medical methodology. We provide a small staff with a solid set of training and skills, and back that up with a medical professional capable of administering treatments that require more extensive training. So you are still receiving the personalized services, without losing on the specialty treatments.

Questions to Consider When Choosing a Spa

  • Am I willing to travel to my spa destination of choice?
  • Is my aim cost or care?
  • Does my service require a trained professional, or am I ok with “practice” service?

At Azure Spa + Medical we offer monthly specials enhanced by a serene setting in a convenient location. Our trained professionals will ensure your health and happiness are both addressed …so call us to book an appointment and see the difference a boutique spa can make. We look forward to seeing you soon!