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No matter what age it rears its head, acne is never a fun skin condition to have to deal with. Which is why Azure Spa wants to help our readers understand the ‘Causes and Cures for Acne’.

So what is the cause of acne and why is it increasing?
A fluctuation in hormones is one of the main reasons for acne; whether coming into puberty or heading into menopause – acne can strike at any time there is a surge in hormonal activity, in both men and women.

Acne has been increasing in both men and women over the age of 30 more and more, and if you tackle oily skin on a regular basis, you might fall into the adult acne-prone category.

For men, an influx of testosterone will cause large and deep cysts to often form around their neck and back, as well as their chin. Whereas for women, acne will often appear on their cheeks and forehead.

Stress is also a factor due to the stress hormone cortisol, which also releases testosterone, and with it – oil glands begin producing more oil (the root cause of breakouts).

An increase in pollution has also been a known contributor for acne, so for those who live stressful lives in a polluted city, it’s a double whammy for acne concerns.

So how can one ‘cure’ their acne?
Tackling your acne from the inside out is an excellent first step, as our skin is also a reflection of what we put into our bodies.

As well, keeping your skin clean is important. After coming home from work or the gym, give your face a good wash and be sure to use a toner afterwards to fully clean through to your pores.

A visit to the spa will also help you uncover if perhaps you are using the wrong products on your skin – whether that be facial cleansers, moisturizers or makeup, there are specific products for specific skin types, so this is important to know.

If you struggle with acne, Azure Spa can help! We offer IPL treatments specifically designed to combat your acne. Our intense pulse light treatments offer an effective way to get a handle on inflammatory acne while correcting previous scarring caused by this condition, as well as aids in the overall healthy appearance of your skin.

So give us a call, and allow us to clear up your acne and help you regain the clear complexion you once had or have always wanted!

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