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Saving time seems to be something on everyone’s priority list, but sometimes small chores are what add up to big time-takers …which is why Azure Spa wanted to help you out on this matter, and tell you ‘How You Can Save Time and Money with Laser Hair Removal’!

The Cost Considerations of Shaving and Waxing
Shaving is the most common way to get rid of unwanted hair, but this daily task takes up both time as well as money. If you break down the cost of shavers and shaving cream for regular maintenance of your legs and underarms, and wax or waxing treatments for your bikini line or tackle your legs also with waxing – this could quickly grow in cost to over $100 per month.

When you compare that to the permanent solution of laser hair removal treatments at our Surrey spa – you might be surprised at your savings plan!

Azure Spa’s Laser Hair Removal Process
At Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical in Cloverdale, we use the LightSheer laser by Lumenis for our laser hair reduction treatments. This form of treatment has been an industry standard for many years and targets the melanin in newly awakened hair follicles. The heat created in the follicle by this process disables the follicle, causing it will no longer be able to produce hair growth in that area.

How Long & How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will Be Needed?
Laser hair removal treatments are quicker than most think, as well as less painful – taking around 30 minutes on average, with 95% hair reduction being achieved in only 6 – 10 treatments.

Is There Hair That Cannot Be Removed With LightSheer Laser Hair Removal?
Unfortunately there is no permanent laser hair reduction possible for blonde, grey or white hair, as those colours do not contain enough melanin for laser-targeting, but any and all other forms can be rid of permanently by summer.

January is an excellent time to get started on your laser hair removal treatments at our Clayton Heights spa, and we know you will be thrilled with a cost-savings and time-savings – making these treatments well worth the investment!

So call, click, or come by and allow us to help you get summer ready skin that will remain as such for years to come. We look forward to serving you…

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