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Oh, the lovely thought of summer …with its warm air, happy sunshine and plenty of outdoor options in which to make life fun. Although one thing we can likely all agree on that doesn’t fall under the category of fun – is shaving! This pesky task is a reality for most of us, but Azure Spa wanted to share how you can be truly body hair-free by summer.

Choose a Laser Hair Removal Service that Lasts

At Azure Skin Care Spa + Medical in Cloverdale, we offer the latest medical-grade technology for our permanent laser hair reduction treatments, which targets the melanin in newly awakened hair follicles. The heat transferred from the laser disables the follicle, which causes it to stop producing hair growth in that area, and not just slow the growth process as some lasers do.

How Long Does Each Individual Treatment Take?

You can achieve 95% hair reduction with 30-minute laser hair removal treatments, depending on the area being treated. Underarms, for example, would require a much shorter treatment time, as this area is tiny. Whereas full legs would definitely take the full 30-minutes, sometimes more.

How Long Does the Total Treatment for Hairlessness Take?

In as little as 6-10 treatments you can achieve the aforementioned 95% hair reduction. Although it does depend on your hair type and its growth cycle, as well as the area being treated. Some areas on your body simply have thicker and more frequent hair growth than others, which we really won’t know until the process begins.

Now is a great time to get started on your laser hair removal treatments at our Surrey spa. Although the initial cost might have you holding off, consider the amount of time you take every couple of days to shave, the cost of those shavers, or the cost and time-consuming process of getting waxed every month. A permanent hair removal system will truly save you time, money and make your skin silky smooth every day of the week!

If you have been considering a permanent hair removal system, ensure you are choosing the RIGHT one that truly tackles and stops the root growth of the hair, and doesn’t just slow the growth process.

Allow Azure Spa to help you get summer-ready skin that will remain as such for years to come affordably and effectively!

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