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Did you know that a good dose of vitamin Z can provide you with improved skin? Adequate sleep offers you a well-rested appearance, and allows your body to repair and renew.

Sleep to Repair

Sleep is actually vital in helping to repair your body. Whether you are suffering from a seasonal sickness, or have had a strenuous workout, or are suffering from stress – sleep is what puts your body into repair mode.

In addition, adequate sleep helps with the production of collagen, giving your skin a glow and translucency that offers a youthful appearance.

Sleep to Combat Stress

Cortisol is the stress hormone we all want to steer clear of, so while you’re sleeping, this hormone is not excreted as your mind and body are at rest. Cortisol, at elevated levels, can generate inflammation in the body, causing your skin to suffer in the process, so sleep is the antidote to combating stress.

Your immune system functions better with optimal rest. An immune system under duress causes you to become ill, and your skin to become dull.

Sleep for Renewed Skin

If you have an existing skin condition, such as acne or overly sensitive skin, a lack of rest can inflame this condition. Alternately, more rest can alleviate this condition.

While you rest, your body’s hydration is rebalanced, allowing skin to recover moisture. A lack of sleep creates puffy skin, bags under the eyes, under-eye circles, dryness and increasingly visible wrinkles.

A proper nights rest slows the aging process, allowing your growth hormones to repair damaged cells while you slumber. Your daily breakdown of cells is intended to regenerate at night …but they can only do so if adequate sleep is part of your nightly routine.

As your Surrey Anti-Aging Specialist, Azure Skin Care understands the importance of beauty sleep. We are happy to reverse the signs of time with one of our many spa or medical treatments, but as a nightly ritual – ensure you are getting enough vitamin Z to combat the signs of aging both now and for years to come!

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