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Stubborn cellulite can be a cause for concern to some, and although our Venus Freeze treatments can combat cellulite beautifully, there are some natural ways to address it outside of our spa also.

What is Cellulite?
Cellulite is fat deposits just below the skin, often found in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
What is Cellulite Caused From?
We all tend to have toxins in our body, and how those toxins are stored vary from person to person – cellulite being one way in which toxins appear, creating a dimpled look just beneath the skin.

How Do I Get Rid of Cellulite?
Although getting rid of cellulite entirely can be difficult, there are ways to reduce it that we wanted to share with you. Once you feel you have tackled your cellulite as best you can, feel free to come into Azure Spa for a Venus Freeze consultation to help you gain beautifully smooth skin with proven results!

Diminish Toxins – and Cellulite – by Eating Clean
Drawing out your toxins can be done in a variety of ways, including cleaning up your diet with more fresh whole foods. Juicing provides amazing benefits both with anti-aging, inflammation and cellulite reduction.

Flush Out Your System
Hydrate! One of the best healthy skin tricks in the book is to drink plenty of water. Not only will this help to keep your skin looking full and plump, it will also help to flush out more toxins and reshape your skin, creating better tone and lessening cellulite.

Brush and Massage Your Skin
Stimulating your lymphatic system just underneath the surface of your skin by brushing and massaging it will help circulate and rid your body of toxins, and help diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Move to Sweat
Get moving and get sweating, this will also help rid your body of unwanted toxins and help tone your body, eliminating cellulite along the way.

At Azure Spa we want to help our clients achieve healthy youthful looking skin, and are proud to offer Venus Freeze in order to do so – and for the month of July all Venus Freeze treatments are 20% off! So call, click or come by to book an appointment, and start your journey to flawless younger looking skin today! Take advantage of our complimentary 15-minute treatment and experience what the Legacy can do for you!

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