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With summer just days away from it’s end, we are starting to pack away our shorts and t’s, and hang up our timeless fall fashions along with perhaps a few new finds.

New finds for great skin though, are not always thought of as each season approaches. But as your Surrey spa specialists, we are always on the lookout for the best ways to approach great skin and maintain a healthy glow, and we’re ready to share our findings!

Fall Cleanser Switch Up

With colder weather we all start turning on the heat, and that change in temperature often causes skin to dry up more quickly. So switching your cleanser to a cream based one can help you retain your natural moisture, and help quench your skin before its thirst is visually apparent.

Splurge for a Post-Summer Facial

After all the tanning we know you did this summer, it is important to get your skin back to a healthy condition. So having a post-summer facial will help you to regain some of the vital nutrients your skin may have been stripped of with chlorine-filled poolside parties, alcoholic beverages, and ravaging sunshine. As well, it will allow a professional to assess your skin, and get you accessorized with the right products with beautiful skin for fall.

Enjoy a Morning Shower

Perhaps this goes without saying for most, but a morning shower is a great way to wake up your body, steam your skin, and start your day refreshed. Most of us want to spend those extra 10 minutes under the warm covers and will forego a shower as a tradeoff, but by jumping out of bed and into the shower, it can help your day in ways that might surprise you.

Give Your Makeup a Makeover

We all have our favourite makeup brushes and palette of eyeshadows we enjoy, but ensuring your makeup bag isn’t filled with bacteria and pore-clogging culprits will better ensure your skin radiates for the coming season. So be sure to throw out any old products, clean your brushes, and keep things tidy for your skin’s sake.

Drink Water

…and lots of it! Hydrating from the inside out will also help you combat against tired, dull, dry skin. So up your water intake, and watch your skin plump to perfection quickly.

At Azure Skin Care + Medical, we love helping our clients maintain their skin season after season. So treat yourself, and book a facial today …your skin will thank you!

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