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With the New Year quickly approaching, everyone is making their lists of areas they want to better themselves for 2016. So we wanted to add in our own list of suggestions, for ways in which you can keep your skin beautiful by generating a “beauty betterment” routine for yourself!

Here’s How…

  • Find a scent that’s uniquely you, that will have 2016 etched in your mind forever with a beautiful smell to remember it by
  • Remember to exfoliate your skin once a week in order to slough away dead skin, and ensure you moisturizer is quenching your skin as is designed to
  • Don’t forget to wear your SPF (ideally contained within your moisturizer) so keep your skin protected, and combat aging
  • Quit smoking
  • Stop going to the tanning booth, and if you absolutely need added colour – choose a spray tan that offers natural ingredients
  • Stop picking your pimples …we have a facial for that!
  • Wash your face before bed …without fail
  • Take a makeup application tutorial …we’d be happy to help!
  • Invest in new makeup, and toss out the old stuff as it can be causing you breakouts
  • Clean your makeup brushes …these too can be clogging your pores and causing skin irritations
  • Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows …leave it to the professionals
  • Get more beauty sleep
  • Drink more water
  • Take Greens with a multi-vitamin mixture
  • Stand up straight
  • Find a charity that makes you smile and donate to it
  • SMILE!
  • Tell someone new they are beautiful as often as possible

At Azure Spa + Medical, we are looking forward to a fun and prosperous 2016 …join us in making it your best yet!

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