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A spotless face is an achievement few arrive at but many desire, but there is hope for those who have difficulty keeping their skin clear or for those who are tackling dark spots on their face, and Azure Spa wants to help our reading audience regain hope that there are in facts treatments that can help you achieve a spotless face!

Remove Spots with an EA ProPeel
The EA ProPeel is truly a professional when it comes to correcting skin imperfections, along with removing age spots.

Over time general exposure to the sun can cause dark spots on your skin, making your face appear uneven and “spotty”. So tackling these spots with an EA ProPeel is an excellent choice in rejuvenation and correction – creating smooth and clear skin for fall.

The Spot Removing Effects of Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion delivers a beautiful surface-level face scrub, removing dead skin cells; small scars, stretch marks and sunspots, as well as addressed fine lines too.
Whether you have parched skin that is looking patchy, or have “freckled skin” due to sunspots, microdermabrasion can improve your complexion beautifully while addressing mild skin concerns, with the best results being delivered with 6-12 treatments.

At Azure Skin Care + Medical, we are a conveniently located Cloverdale spa in the heart of Clayton Heights. We offer many high-end services in a local setting with affordable pricing, and for the month of September we have an amazing “spot remover” treatment that we made mention of in this post – ‘The EA ProPeel’ which is being offered for only $150 for 3 full treatments to be used over the course of 2 months, with treatments every 2 weeks, delivering results you will be thrilled with.

Above and beyond our spa treatments, we also have a variety of skincare lines and beautification products that you can purchase for your at-home care, and can further help you create spotless skin for fall.

We look forward to helping to improve your skin, and treating you to the local luxury service you deserve!

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