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We likely all have the same secret. On some level, we all enjoy laying in the sun. The warmth, relaxation, Vitamin D benefits, along with the general feeling that summer fun has arrived. All these things come with the glorious rays of sunshine, which we can appreciate.

However, it is also why we want to explore with you ‘A Summer Peel That Can Help Your Sun-Drenched Skin’. We want to help ensure you are enjoying the sun, while still ensuring your skin isn’t suffering!

Balancing Sun-Drenched Skin with a Natural Radiant Glow

Everything in moderation is great advice to live by, especially when it comes to sun exposure. 

We all know the progressive damage sun can do to our skin when we bathe in it a little too much. And balancing your ‘sun soaks’ while keeping your skin healthy is the not-so-secret recipe for youthfulness. 

From the right amount of sleep each night to a balanced diet, as well as limiting alcohol and ensuring proper skincare routine – are all factors that count in keeping your sun play and your skincare balanced.

Investing in Spa Treatments that Work

There are many trends that come and go in the spa world. Everyone wants the quick and easy solution or a quick fix for damaged skin.

At Azure Spa in Surrey, we are here to help our clients care for their skin in a manageable, sustainable and results driven way. We understand that consistent and preventative care can count for a lot more than tackling someone’s skin when it is in need of serious repair.

Which is where our Customized Peels come in to help, and is just one way you can invest in a spa treatment that can help combat sun-drenched skin. 

For the month of July – our spa special is, in fact, a customized peel. Schedule your appointment and receive a single peel at $10 off, or take advantage of increased savings when you purchase a package of 3 for $40 off!

So …how does it work?

Customized Peel Explained

Whether choosing one, or a series of our light chemical peels, it will help to treat acne, dry aging skin, uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and poor hydration. 

We take a comprehensive look at your skin, discuss the issues, and then select the appropriate peel to help. 

Our peels have no down-time and all our clients have to take care of is their fresh, radiant skin.

Wish to opt for more hydration? Check out our Silk Peel option! As discussed in our blog Silk Peel Treatment Explained: The Solution for Healthy, Vibrant, Rejuvenated Skin – this spa service offers a complete 3-in-1 resurfacing treatment that will have your skin glowing immediately. 

BOOK NOW to enjoy our special and a Summer Peel That Can Help Your Sun-Drenched Skin!

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