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The quest for clear, ageless skin is the hottest thing going for fall. Much like the quest for the fountain of youth, men and women alike are seeking out the best ways to maintain their skin, and regain the youthful vitality it once radiated with.

There are many skin treatments we offer at our Surrey spa that will help our clients to see renewed skin again, but there are also additional ways to help maintain your skin outside of a spa setting.

Healthy Daily Habits

A lot of us live a hurried lifestyle, eating on the run without a lot of consideration or time for health and nutrition. But as the saying goes: “you are what you eat”, and unfortunately there is some truth to that as it pertains to your skin.

Diet! We wont tell you what NOT to eat, because we’re pretty sure everyone is aware of the high-sugar items to stay away from, as well as the hefty white flour goodies to turn down. However, what you should be implementing into your diet for better skin are whole grain foods, omega 3-6-9 oils, and raw fruits and veggies. If you find it hard to consume your recommended amount of fruit and vegetables in a day, throw them all together in a smoothie along with your omega oil of choice. This one shot approach can help you recharge your body, and give you a natural facelift for fall. It’s amazing the benefits nature can offer us if we simply put it into motion.

Sleep! That is another important factor in well-rested, revitalized skin. 7 hours of sleep or more are an important part in keeping your skin youthful …so ensure you are getting all your vitamins Z’s will aid in the secretion of your natural human growth hormone, promoting cells to produce collagen and increase the circulation and natural flow of nutrients in your skin.

Meditate! Meditation is also known to de-stress the body, and along with it – the skin. This calming practice acts much like sleep, and somewhat consciously wills your body into alignment and betterment. So for those of you open to slowing your pace …it’s worth a try!

As your local spa in Surrey, we know that beautiful skin is not achieved the same way for everyone. That is why were are here to help you asses what will work best for you, and assist you in acquiring the beautiful skin you have always wanted.

So call or stop by today, and let’s get you enhanced for fall!

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