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At Azure Spa we feel it’s important to celebrate our laugh lines and maintain a natural appearance. We offer a wide variety of ways at our spa in which to do this, but also want to tell you about these 9 Surprising Ways You Can Combat Wrinkles!

Become a Back Sleeper
Sleeping in the same position night after night can actually create lines on your face, slowly carving permanent wrinkles into the top layer of your skin. In fact, cheek, chin and eye wrinkles can be pressed into your face based on how you sleep, but can be avoided by simply learning to become a back sleeper.

Here Fishy Fishy!
Consuming fish oils that deliver plenty of omega-3 fatty acids offers amazing nourishment for your skin, keeping it full and youthful – minimizing wrinkles and maintaining the healthy glow of your skin.

Invest In Alpha-Hydroxy Acids
Alpha-Hydroxy Acids lift away the top layer of dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of pores, as well as surface wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps to enhance collagen production, firming your skin and creating a refreshed appearance.

Apply Vitamin C Directly to Your Face
Vitamin C potions are known to boost collagen also, and protects your skin against damage from UVA and UVB rays. In addition, it can reduce redness and correct uneven skin tone and age spots.

Put Cocoa in Your Cup Instead of Coffee
Studies have shown that cocoa offers high levels of antioxidants, which offers skin protection from the sun, improves blood flow to skin cells, aids in moisture balance, and helps skin to look and feel smoother – plus it tastes great!

Practice Makes Perfect
Lastly but certainly not least – routinely practice good skin care such as avoiding direct sun to your face, and always wear sunscreen no matter the season. Also, if smoking is part of your lifestyle – quit, and try to cut back on alcohol also. These small lifestyle changes can offer huge, lasting benefits.

At Azure Spa we are proud to offer a wide variety of natural anti-aging treatments that we know you will be thrilled with. So call, click or come by to see what we can do for you, and in the meantime – try implementing some of these surprising ways to combat wrinkles!

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