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For some, waxing is an enjoyable day at the spa, while for others, waxing can be a terrifying proposal. So we wanted to help the regulars and the novices alike, come in for their waxing appointment well prepared and in anticipation of what’s to come.

The More the Merrier

That doesn’t mean bring in your friends to hold you hand, that means – the more often you wax, the easier it will become. You hair will begin to grow in finer and more sparsely, so the pain itself will minimize as the hair does too.

Pregnancy and Your Period – Some Just Say NO!

Unless you have a high tolerance for pain, waxing during your period or while you are pregnant will be significantly more painful. Although it is perfectly okay to wax during these times, some find it fairly excruciating to do so.

If you’re in your early stages of pregnancy, come in while it’s still comfortable to do so. Some women find that their hair nearly stops growing, while others find it increases due to hormonal changes. Either way …we’re here to help as long as you can withstand the process!

Pick Your Waxing Salon Wisely

Not all waxing salons are created equal, and clearly having hot wax put on all kinds of body parts calls for cleanliness on every front. So ensure the place you pick offers positive reviews, and is CLEAN!

Waxing is Worth It

If you aren’t undergoing laser treatments, waxing is definitely the way to go over shaving. It provides a longer-term solution, and as mentioned – your body hair will grow less, and the hairs that do grow in will be finer. Withstanding the moment of pain for a month or more of smooth, hairless skin – is worth it!

Stay Consistent and Don’t Workout

Waxing might be the only perfect excuse for not working out. Sweat and waxing just don’t work. So 24-48 hours before a wax appointment, RELAX!

Also, staying consistent with your waxing schedule will help to keep you on the slow road to (near) hairlessness. So keep your appointments and watch the hair dissipate, and the pain with it!

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