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Getting a massage to relieve the tension after a stressful week is one of the greatest feelings. This form of therapy not only helps your body to relax but is used to relieve the body from various chronic physical pains as well as refresh your mental state. Massage therapy plays a key role in improving one’s overall health and reduces the stress of everyday life!

This treatment has become immensely popular and is no longer viewed as an alternative therapy. Some insurance companies even provide coverage for massage treatments now!

To learn more about the five health benefits of massage therapy, check out the list below.

1) Muscle Relaxation 

Targeting the source of chronic pain, massage therapy helps to improve the area’s circulation. The treatment effectively relaxes muscles and areas on the body that are stiff. Promoting circulation to the injured muscle increases oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissues. Massage therapy also encourages blood flow to the muscle and increases its flexibility which can boost dopamine and serotonin.

2) Posture Improvement

Postural stress is a reality many faces because of sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time. This leads to lower back pain but massage therapy relieves the pain by loosening up tense muscles and pressure points. The treatment can help correct the body’s alignment and allow the joints to have more flexibility.

3) Relief of Depression & Anxiety

Massage therapy has been shown to relieve patients of symptoms of depression and anxiety. It achieves this by affecting the biochemistry in the body to allow it to produce more serotonin and lower cortisol levels. Chronic pain can also trigger depression, and massage therapy helps relieve both.

4) Strengthening the Immune System

Illness and injury can add immense stress on the body and on the mind. When stress overwhelms someone, it can lower the ability to have healthy sleeping and eating habits. The body’s immune system is directly impacted by this and struggles to protect itself against future infections. Massage therapy can help enhance the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity, otherwise known as the body’s “natural killer” cells. This therapy can even help individuals with HIV have a better immune function. 

5) Restore Proper Use of Insulin

Individuals that live with type 1 diabetes have a lack of insulin production in their body. Insulin is necessary to move blood sugar into the cells and throughout the rest of the body. Type 1 diabetes insulin cells are either damaged or destroyed and stop producing insulin, leaving too much sugar in the blood. Massage therapy helps restore the proper of use insulation, lower blood sugar levels and remove toxins.


Azure Skin Care offers relaxing and therapeutic massages to treat your mind and body. Our spa in Surrey, BC offers head to toe massage services to relax the muscles and relieve the stress of everyday life. Our professional staff will make your massage the most comfortable and help educate you on all the advantages of our treatments.

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