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We are at it again; giving away medical grade products at reduced prices to help our customers achieve beautiful skin. And this month Azure Spa is offering a 10% OFF Vivier Product Special!

Vivier is an amazing product that delivers an easy 4-step approach to healthier skin, making it a simple process to keeping your skin radiant.

4-Step Approach to Healthier Skin

Not only are Vivier products effective; they also are simple.

Their 4-step skincare routine includes: Prepare, Target, Moisturize and Protect.

What does that mean? As mentioned on


Our cleansers and toners remove pore-clogging impurities and rebalance the skin’s natural pH.


Our target products contain powerful ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to achieve the best results.


Our moisturizers maintain the skin’s balance and barrier function to protect it from damage.


Our sunscreens contain the newest technology plus added antioxidants to maximize protection from damaging UV rays.

Sound too good to be true? Well add 10% off to all of the above and ‘good’ just turned into GREAT!

10% OFF Vivier Product Special

As mentioned in our October Newsletter…

This month Vivier is our featured product special, with 10% off on all their amazing products. Vivier is a proudly Canadian company with 20 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry. Vivier specializes in cosmeceutical skin care (think cosmetics that act like drugs) based on high quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Our absolute favourite at Azure Spa, is the Ultimage product (nicknamed Botox in a Bottle). This product smooths motion lines and keeps skin smooth through powerful hyaluronic acid and a neuromodulator. And we offer FREE samples of this ‘magic potion’ with any service!

Vivier Hyperpigmentation Program

Another great Vivier inspired skincare treatment, is the Vivier Hyperpigmentation Program.

The Vivier Hyperpigmentation Program can help you erase years of skin damage. The pharmaceutical grade skin restoration program will gently and effectively restore your skin’s vitality so you can enjoy visible improvements in hyperpigmentation, aging skin, irregular skin texture and tone.

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