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The last thing you want when you wear those summer dresses, short skirts, tank tops or an itsy bitsy bikini is a fine film of hair or rough stubble sitting on your skin, announcing its presence to the world. Yes, there are several ways to remove the fuzz, but hair removal techniques are painful when you need to do it month after month. Here is the good news! Laser removal gives you long-term, nearly permanent results with minimal discomfort.

You must have heard about laser hair removal but if you still haven’t invested in it, the myths that follow this technologically advanced hair reduction treatment must be weighing on your mind. Allow Azure Skin Care, the experts in skincare and rejuvenating spa treatments, bust the myths, give you the facts and a clearer picture with them. 


#Myth 1: Laser hair removal does not work for all skin tones or hair colours.

Fact: New laser hair removal systems are effective in most hair colours and skin tones. Only white, blond and gray strands are tough to remove with laser because these colours don’t have any pigmentation. Those with darker skin tones and dark hair have more melanin pigments, so they simply require more sessions. A good dermatologist monitors the right amount of laser strength and treatments for long-lasting effective results. 


Myth # 2: Laser hair removal is unsafe and can cause burns.

Fact: The treatment is safe for everyone. The results may vary with the thickness of the hair, hair colour, and skin type but it is safe, certified by the FDA, dermatologist approved and decrease with each session until they virtually disappear without any damage to the skin. The treatment does not leave a stubble, grows back finer and sparser with each session, unlike shaving and hair removal creams. The lasers destroy the skin follicles over time and prevent new ones from growing back. The treatment does not expose you to radiation so it does not harm the skin in any way. It’s rare for burns to occur even on dark skin that requires more laser strength.


Myth #3: You get permanent hair removal in just one session.

Fact: It is impossible to remove all body hair permanently by laser treatment. Hair grows in cycles, in varying thickness and density all over the body. The laser targets the hair in the selected area only, reducing the density and thickness with repeated treatments. Untreated areas will continue to produce hair as usual. You can choose to have it removed from full hands and legs, target more specific areas such as the upper lip or bikini line or opt to remove all body hair, including the back, chest and Brazilian, the choice is yours. A significant reduction of hair growth is visible only after six sessions or so. The laser can reduce hair growth by as much as 50% to 80%. Once you have completed the treatment, your hair will grow back much thinner or stop growing back completely.


Myth #4: Laser hair treatment is painful.

Fact: This is far from the truth. While some people could experience mild discomfort initially, quite like tiny pinprick sensations, with repeated treatments, even this mild discomfort gradually diminishes. Even those who are sensitive to pain, have reported less discomfort and far less pain than waxing or epilators.

Azure Skin Care: Laser Hair Removal with IPL Technology

We offer several spa hair removal options for you to choose from in Surrey, B.C. Our advanced laser hair reduction treatment offers top of the line IPL technology with Venus VersaTM that target different shades of melanin. The treatment is quick, simple and you enjoy a 95% reduction in hair growth. The treatment prices vary with hair density. Email us to find out how we can help you.

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